Working primarily with chasing and repoussé, a traditional metal-smithing technique, these forms and designs are intuitively grown out of precious metal. During the process, the pieces change and evolve in a fluid organic way. The direct contact and the repetitive mark-making of the tools leave the hand and craft of the artist visible and no two pieces are identical. 

Playful combinations of rhythmic forms with detailed textures create these intimate and tactile designs.

Erin Christensen is a Canadian art jeweller and silversmith. She received her BFA from NSCAD University in Halifax, NS where she majored in Jewellery Design and Metal-smithing. Following her graduation, she was awarded a finalist position for the Niche Awards in the Student Teapot category and featured in a few publications including British Vogue Magazine and the Contemporary Jewellery Yearbook.​ Erin's work has been exhibited throughout North America and recently in Europe. She now resides in Victoria, BC and you can find her work at several shops in the Pacific Northwest.

The intention of these collections is to revive and celebrate the history of this ancient technique; while conveying life, beauty in simplicity, and re-connection with the world around us.

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